Welcome to HWS

We produce ergonomically designed, low-impact walking devices for people with conditions such as lower leg amputations, hip disarticulations, and walking imbalances due to brain trauma.

Our mission is to make these individuals fully mobile and upright while minimizing muscle atrophy, impact on the joints, and quickening injury recovery rates. HWS takes pride in making our customers feel more independent, self-confident, and more functional in all aspects of their lives.
Product Features

We are conducting rigorous research studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of our devices, and we are striving to make these systems available to those who need them most. Click above to see all of the ergonomic and state-of-the-art features our device includes.

User Stories

The following stories document the trials and successes of some people who use the LegSim. It serves many factions including those who have lost limbs and suffered injuries. In all cases, the device has made a significant difference in their healing, mobility, attitude and quality-of-life.

How to Order

Based on your provided specifications, HWS will work directly with the patient's health care professional to build a customized system. The details are very straightforward, colorfully illustrated, and the entire process takes approximately fifteen minutes to complete.