About the Inventor

Joseph F. Schrader, Founder/CEO
Hartford Walking Systems, Inc.

About the Inventor

"Necessity is the mother of invention." I created this device to help myself after fracturing a knee. I soon realized that with some improvements, it could also help people with many other types of leg injuries.

My mother taught me at a very early age that nothing was impossible. Although missing a thumb and having an arm slightly shorter than the other, she was very creative finding new ways to pick up and hold objects, and was very efficient at accomplishing tasks despite her physical challenges. Mom was truly an inventor -- a kind and loving person who never complained. Our favorite book was The Little Engine That Could.

With her inspiration, the support of my wife and daughters, and the good fortune to have been blessed with some God-given talents, it was only natural to apply my abilities to this project.

We are all very similar, yet like snowflakes, just a little bit different. Therefore, designing and building a user friendly walking system to accommodate everyone was not as simple as it seemed at first glance.

A person's body parts must be properly aligned and put in balance, yet the device must be practical and easy to use. This proved to be a difficult task. After thirteen years of prototypes, research, innovation, and employment of proprietary equipment and technology, I achieved success.

In developing the ED LegSim, I've incorporated valuable input from my team, as well as feedback from customers. This has been an incredible learning experience, whereby I'm now in a position to help others. Thanks to you, we are making a difference! I'm sure my mother would be proud of us all.

Joseph Schrader
Founder/CEO, HWS