Amputees are a major focus of Hartford Walking Systems' efforts. There were more than 110,000 lower extremities amputated in 2002 and, sadly, these numbers are increasing every year.

Over half of amputees are diabetics who often suffer from poor circulation.

We believe the LegSim can help new amputees maintain a more positive attitude by allowing them to walk upright, return to daily activities, and recover sooner after surgery.

Additionally, many amputees are "hoppers" -- they literally hop on one limb to get around when their prosthesis is unattached. This method of movement on the sound limb is very rough on its joints and the entire body as well. In situations where a "quick" trip or minimal need discourages a person from utilizing their prosthesis, wear and tear from hopping can be avoided by using the LegSim.

Amputee Coalition of America
Hartford Walking Systems (HWS) has been involved with this extraordinary organization since 2004 as an exhibitor at their annual conferences. We have met with representatives of the Veterans' Administration, CIGNA Healthcare, professionals, and many remarkable people.

At the 2005 Dallas conference, HWS founder Joseph Schrader made a formal presentation about the benefits and uses of the LegSim. Attendees were extremely impressed with the capabilities and advantages the unit offers, as well as the research and cutting-edge technology employed in developing this innovative product.

HWS has committed to advertising in the ACA's inMotion magazine. It reaches more than 40,000 readers including amputees, professionals, and numerous medical facilities. It is an award-winning bimonthly publication, addressing needs and concerns of amputees and those who care for and about them.

The November/December 2005 edition included the LegSim in a featured article about new and unique assistive devices.