User Stories

The following stories document the trials and successes of some people who use the LegSim. It serves many factions including those who have lost limbs and suffered injuries. In all cases, the device has made a significant difference in their healing, mobility, attitude and quality-of-life.
Edward B. - The VA Paid for My LegSim
I first became aware of the LegSim in 2005, just after my amputation. Of all the products advertised for leg amputees as a walking device, the LegSim seemed to make the most sense. I watched the videos that were available and it was the only product that allowed so much versatility. I especially liked how it could be used to go up or down stairs (with a little practice). My first thought was that this device would be ideal for use in an emergency situation since donning my prosthesis takes me about 5-10 minutes...
Lynnette - 3 days after carpal tunnel surgery
It would be nice if I could say that since I am an amputee I've had my share of surgeries and hospital stays so I should never have any other medical issues. However, as we know, life doesn't work that way. As a secretary in my mid 30's I was facing carpal tunnel surgery on both of my hands. This is a common surgery that usually causes the patient a couple of weeks of discomfort and requiring someone else to open the ketchup bottle. But what if you need your hands to help you walk?
Jeanette D. - I can walk with the best of them.
Joe, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for my new ED LegSim. It has been a godsend. As you know, I have had a tough time with my right leg. Six years ago, I dropped a 5 lb. box on my right foot – it seemed like such a simple thing. To make a long story short, after three-and-a-half years and five unsuccessful surgeries, I had my right foot amputated below the knee. They finally did the amputation as I was suffering from severe nerve damage. My foot had become a mass..
Sally W. -
An Alternative
Hi -- I'm Sally, and I'd like to tell you why I use the LegSim. About 2½ years ago I lost my leg to a life-threatening infection and had to undergo a hip disarticulation. After getting fitted for a prosthesis, I had to spend a lot of time in therapy before using it. And once I did, I realized how tired it made me. It also never fit me quite right, and it felt very uncomfortable and awkward. Then I learned about the LegSim as a possible alternative to a prosthesis and decided to give it a try. I've had my LegSim for over...
Sandra H., PhD - The Psychological Benefits
Dear Joe: The ED LegSim is remarkable. As a hip disarticulation amputee, I never believed that I could walk without a heavy prosthesis or crutches that strain my shoulders. Thank you for letting me be one of the first to try your ingenious invention. It was quick and easy to learn to ambulate with the ED LegSim. Any fears I had rapidly dissipated and in just a few days, I was even walking up and down an incline. As a psychologist, I believe there are immeasurable benefits emotionally when an amputee...
Linda U. -
Seeing eye-to-eye
Hi Joe, I have been an amputee for 14 years. My leg was amputated at the hip due to osteosarcoma. I tried using a prosthesis but found it was not comfortable to sit in and I just did not do very well with it. I have used the wheelchair and crutches for the past 4 years and I have depended on the wheelchair more than the crutches. I have nerve damage in my arm and it swells and a lot of lower back pain due to being unbalanced with the missing leg. The LegSim allows me to be more mobile.
Nick - The Caregiver and the LegSim User
Nick, the very happy ED LegSim User: I have not used a wheelchair, crutches or the "dreaded walker" since getting the ED LegSim. Thank goodness!!! The LegSim makes it much easier and faster to get around when I am not wearing my prosthetic leg. The more natural positioning of my body on the LegSim eliminates the wrist, knee and foot stress caused with a regular walker. Unlike a typical walker, I do not have to bear down to move. I can just sit on the LegSim when necessary and...
Mary P. - My Body Feels So Much Better
It is truly amazing how much the ED LegSim has changed my life. Before being introduced to Joe Schrader [the inventor] and the LegSim, I had your typical bulky walker that I would have to hop along on to get anywhere. I have degenerative joint disease and degenerative disc disease along with osteoarthritis. I have had multiple fusions in my back; have titanium plates and screws in my neck. So to say that my spine and joints are a mess is an understatement. The hopping from using...
Wendy H. -
Walking Tall
To be upright albeit on one leg, but without the agony of shoulder pain from crutches is a new feeling to me. I have walked on crutches for 26 years after losing my leg in a car accident. This was in between many unsuccessful prosthetic fits, and then 2 years ago I had a dreadful fall that ruptured my shoulder and left me in a wheelchair as I had no prosthesis and much difficulty and pain using crutches. I did continue the use of crutches for almost 6 months after the fall, but it became increasingly difficult...
Will M. - The ED Walker allowed me virtually complete mobility
I guess there is no perfect time of year to be rendered immobile for nine weeks, but as the July 13th date for my reconstructive ankle surgery approached, I suspected that summertime might not be one of my first three choices. Additionally, my wife and I manage a marina during the summer months while living on our boat. The mental image of me tying up boats, hobbling around the docks assisting other boaters, and climbing on and off our boat while using a pair of crutches was less than pleasant.