The VA Paid for My LegSim

I first became aware of the LegSim in 2005, just after my amputation. Of all the products advertised for leg amputees as a walking device, the LegSim seemed to make the most sense. I watched the videos that were available and it was the only product that allowed so much versatility. I especially liked how it could be used to go up or down stairs (with a little practice). My first thought was that this device would be ideal for use in an emergency situation since donning my prosthesis takes me about 5-10 minutes.

Prior to receiving the LegSim, I experienced two severe falls. With both falls, I was using crutches to go from the bedroom to the bathroom. The first fall occurred about two months after my amputation, and it set my recovery back by about six weeks. The second fall occurred on December 10, 2007. I was a radiography technologist student and it was the day of my final exam. In spite of the pain and needing help from my classmates to get into the class for the test, I still got an A! That fall took 31 days to heal completely.

It was after the second fall that I decided to contact Joe Schrader of Hartford Walking Systems to inquire about insurance coverage for the LegSim. He told me that the VA provided them to Vets. I immediately sought to get one. It took about three months to acquire it, and I can honestly say that it has been a major blessing for me.

I no longer fear falling. I live alone and the "peace of mind" that this product has given me is immeasurable. I don't fear what I would do if I had to get out in a hurry should a fire break out in my home.

I use my LegSim everyday, sometimes just for a few minutes and sometimes all day. It is incredibly easy for me to use, and I would recommend it to any amputee, or even someone who is recovering from a leg, knee, ankle, or foot injury or surgery. I "show it off" to anyone who might benefit from it from time to time. Most recently, I showed it to an orthopedic PA who has expressed a great deal of interest in recommending it to his patients.

Hopefully, my testimony can be used to benefit other amputees, or anyone who could make use of this product.


Edward B. -- Maryland

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