A Message from Joe Schrader, Founder of Hartford Walking Systems

I would like to take a minute to thank all of the HWS team, including my family and close friends for their support, dedication and talent. And of course, our amazing clients and their feedback have been an integral part of the evolution of the LegSim over the last sixteen years.

Who would've thought that a device that began as a way for me to be mobile after a fractured knee would have grown into something that helps people regain their independence! I am truly humbled to know that our company can help individuals increase their mobility. To watch someone get out of their wheelchair and be at eye-level again is truly inspiring. It's also comforting to know that the LegSim can enable our clients to quickly become mobile in case of an emergency.

I have had the distinct pleasure to work with some of our brave men and women at places such as Walter Reed Medical Center. LegSim systems have evolved over the last few years largely because of the input from these young heroes and their doctors and therapists. Our systems are now even easier to adjust. Stronger and improved foot stabilizers allow us to help clients with severe lateral forward and aft balance issues, and our Pete LegSim may be used by individuals missing a hand and leg.

As always, the benefits of the LegSim are still the same. Our device provides a viable alternative to hopping which will likely minimize wear and tear on the sound side joints. They are a perfect complement to one's prosthesis -- helping individuals after surgery as well as during times when they need quick mobility, such as in an emergency or in the middle of the night.

I am also proud to announce that we have a new Director of Medicine, John A. Tata, MD. You can learn more about him by clicking on the Physician Portal link.

Dr. Tata and I will be at the ACA Conference in Atlanta from June 18-20. Please stop by our booth, we would love to speak with you! Additionally, there will be some new developments, along with our "conference pricing" which only happens once a year. We hope to see you there!

Joseph Schrader
Founder/CEO, HWS