LegSim Name

How the LegSim™ Got its Name

Hartford Walking Systems changed the name of its ergonomically designed walking system (the ED Walker) when advised at Walter Reed Army Medical Center that it could not be purchased for the military since it was called a "walker." At the Center, any device labeled as such was limited to a cost not to exceed $80.

One of their physical therapists later remarked that our device actually works more like a leg simulator than a walker. It allows walking without the need to hop as is often the case using traditional walkers. By properly labeling the device, purchasing conflicts were eliminated. As a result, the ED Walker was renamed the LegSim.™

The LegSim™ now has an FDA device-listing as a unique prosthetic component. It will not conflict with any other prosthesis that may be prescribed in the future. Because of this change, insurance companies across the country are now paying for LegSims.™