Three days after carpal tunnel surgery

It would be nice if I could say that since I am an amputee I've had my share of surgeries and hospital stays so I should never have any other medical issues. However, as we know, life doesn't work that way.

As a secretary in my mid 30's I was facing carpal tunnel surgery on both of my hands. This is a common surgery that usually causes the patient a couple of weeks of discomfort and requiring someone else to open the ketchup bottle. But what if you need your hands to help you walk?

I'm an above knee amputee; when I don't wear my prosthetic I use a walker to help me get around. How could this happen if I couldn't put any weight on my hand or wrist? My answer came in the form of an ad in "In Motion" magazine. The LegSim was an answer to my prayers.

I talked to my prosthetist and physiatrist about the device and showed them the complimentary DVD. Just a few days after my right hand carpal tunnel surgery, Joe came to Connecticut and spent a few hours fitting my LegSim to me, speaking to my doctors and prosthetists, and training me how to properly use the device. What a blessing!

Facing my left hand carpal tunnel surgery, I know I don't have to worry about getting around because I have my LegSim. The peace of mind that Joe and his invention have given me is invaluable. Thank you Joe.

Lynnette -- Connecticut

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