"My Body Feels So Much Better"

It is truly amazing how much the ED LegSim has changed my life. Before being introduced to Joe Schrader [the inventor] and the LegSim, I had your typical bulky walker that I would have to hop along on to get anywhere. I have degenerative joint disease and degenerative disc disease along with osteoarthritis. I have had multiple fusions in my back; have titanium plates and screws in my neck.

So to say that my spine and joints are a mess is an understatement. The hopping from using a regular walker was very hard on my body. Since using the ED LegSim, there is no hopping or jumping, only smooth walking that makes my back and my one knee and leg very happy. It also makes my hands, elbows and wrists happy because I don't have to pick up, hold tightly and lift all my weight onto my poor arms and hands to use this. Everything just moves so smoothly and easily. My body feels so much better.

Before I had the LegSim and was using the standard walker. I was very limited to what I could do because I always needed to keep both hands on the walker to steady myself. I couldn't do a lot with the standard walker because I couldn't get close to anything since it was either too wide or I stood too far away from things due to the tray on the front of it. Now since using the LegSim, I can do many things like stand at my kitchen sink to wash dishes, stand when talking to people without tiring or having my leg go numb because I am able to sit on the seat and relax. There is no stress in standing anymore.

I have actually gone to the mall with my ED LegSim and I can get close to the clothes racks without knocking anything off the rack! I'm able to stand and talk to my neighbors for long periods of time but one of my greatest joys is taking care of my grandson. I couldn't do this before without help.

So when our 5 month old grandson comes to spend the night. I'm able to get up and feed him and put him back to bed without anyone helping while using the LegSim. It allows me to take steps and sit for a minute and then take another step. That was the greatest feeling, knowing I didn't have to wake my husband to put him back to bed when I was done feeding him. It doesn't get much better than that.

I can go up and down the stairs with the ED LegSim and you certainly can't do that with a standard walker. When it comes to the cost of the device, in my opinion, there is no price too great for something that gives you your freedom. When you become an amputee, a large part of your freedom is taken from you and anything that gives that back is more than worth the price – and the LegSim certainly does that.

Just to be able to stand and have a conversation with someone without losing sensation in your leg is worth the money. I would definitely purchase the ED LegSim over other devices hands down. There's no comparison to anything else out there today. The LegSim has made my life much easier and easier on my family. It has allowed me to be more independent. I am able to use it with one hand while carrying something in the other, which allows me to do things like set the table, carry my grandson or groceries.

My family thinks this device is amazing as does everyone I have shown it to. Joe Schrader is an incredible man. There are not many people who would dedicate their time and money to helping amputees –especially not being one. He goes above and beyond and I know that I will be forever grateful for Joe and the ED LegSim because it has made my life so much easier.

Mary P.

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