More About the LegSim

The LegSim is an ergonomically designed walking system constructed of stainless steel, aircraft-quality aluminum and plastic. Its frame components enable customizing a system from standard parts to ensure correct body alignment, comfort, mobility, and hands-free independence previously not possible.

Also referred to as simply The LegSim, it is an evolution of Hartford Walking Systems' familiar Ed Walker. While functionally similar, the LegSim offers amputees a structurally superior, highly adaptable unit.

It is stronger and easier to adjust, with accessories to meet the unique needs of amputees. Numerous seat styles are available, and multiple stabilizer systems assist those with balance issues. 

The LegSim complements and facilitates prosthesis use and can serve as a substitute or a permanent walking device for lower limb amputees. It is particularly beneficial for people with hip disarticulations.

Whenever individuals are without their prosthesis, they often resort to hopping in order to move short distances. The LegSim eliminates the need to hop, helping keep joints healthy by protecting them from premature or accelerated cartilage thinning and damage. 

Those confined to wheelchairs for years due to prosthesis intolerance may utilize the device as a long-term ambulatory appliance.

New amputees are able to be mobile sooner, thereby maintaining strength in their leg. In addition, selective weight bearing promotes prosthesis tolerance, reduces skin irritations and ulcers, and places little or no strain on arms and shoulders. Published science shows higher muscle activity in certain muscle groups when using the device.

This enhanced product evolved by working with prosthetists throughout the country and through HWS' commitment to help our wounded military. Working with these men and women at Walter Reed Army Medical Center provided a great deal of insight resulting in many design innovations to the LegSim.

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