Seat Options

There are many types of seats that are available that fit differently. We select a seat that would be for your weight and size from the information that comes from your measurement form. How you're going to use the Legsim is another consideration.

A person who wants the device for short time use “going to the rest room at night” would want a seat that would be easy to mount, typically a narrow back.

For a person who will use the Legsim for longer periods of time, such as a person who suffers from neuromas and has a problem wearing their prosthesis all day, a wider soft gel seat would be a better choice.

Hip disarticulations often do better with a split seat where the residual femur does not have excessive pressure on it. The gel seat cover can be hollowed out or compressed to achieve a more comfortable custom fit.

Seat Photos and Descriptions
Comfort gel seat | Woman's split seat
 Men's/Women's split seat | Men's/Women's split seat

Comfort gel seat

Comfort gel seat midsize Women & Men; fairly easy to mount. Good for short or longer time usage.

Woman's split seat

Woman's split seat, slightly larger in size, firm but comfortable.  This seat type is the most popular.

Compressed gel seat

Compressed gel seat before seat cover is added.

Men's/Women's split seat

Men's/Women's split seat with a seat cover for hip disarticulations.

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